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2021-11-22 07:12:06 By : Ms. Amanda Ji

Hari is an expat who is proud to share his experience of building a dream home in his hometown of Manantara, Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala. This fabulous residence was built by overcoming the spatial challenges of the 4.75 cents plot.

The rectangular plot by the road is only 12 meters wide. Interestingly, the structure rose only 2.5 cents after leaving the retreat zone.

The flat box facade makes the structure compact and helps to save space. The tranquil charm of white tones dots most of the walls of this house. At the same time, the wood cladding and texture add a perfect contrast. The suspended car gallery was added later. The elegant design of the roof of the car porch and the wood panelling under the PVC panels are attractive.

The front wall of hurudees is not only a stylish designer element, but also an ingenious addition to camouflage wells.

The interior design is semi-open. While making the space larger, this function also ensures privacy. The formal living area is designed with double heights to meet family preferences. This makes the look and feel of the interior very expansive.

The design of the stairs is very interesting. Wooden boards are used to cover the concrete steps here. At the same time, the armrest adopts an elegant glass finish.

The green courtyard below the double-height staircase area is an amazing place in the house. The hanging crib adds a unique charm to the area. In addition, the washing area is also arranged close to here. The natural stone cladding design on the walls here is an eye-catching designer element.

The floor of the house is covered with glass tiles. The furniture in the formal living area is readily available. At the same time, the furniture in the rest of the house is customized to fit the overall theme of the house.

The bar counter in the upper living area is an interesting feature.

There are two bedrooms on each floor. The bedroom connected to the bathroom has a built-in wardrobe for storage.

The kitchen cabinets are finished with plywood and glass. The countertop is covered with artificial granite.

The owners said that their relatives and friends are in awe of this gorgeous house built for less than 4 cents.

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